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Following are some ideas on how to check a technician’s credibility:

Ask how long they have been doing permanent cosmetics. Mastering permanent makeup doesn’t come easy and easily requires 4 to 5 year learning curve. If they tell you “years and years”, ask to see documentation in the form of training certificates.
Ask if you may speak to some of their clients. One or two clients per each year’s experience are a reasonable request.
Ask to see evidence of continuing education. Look for 30 to 50 hours of advanced training per year; preferably in 1-3 classes only. Training classes of a few hours here and there are less likely to lend much toward true advancement. Technicians might boast of all the shows and conventions they attend. While industry events are fun, they are primarily for investigating new equipment, products and reunions! Comprehensive internships are where most true learning takes place.

Ask if the technician hold a CPCP certification. CPCP means Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and is an exam given by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.


Look at the facility. The floor, chairs, countertops should be very clean. All surfaces should be of impervious, non-porous material for adequate disinfection. A “sharps disposal unit” should be visible, and preferably an autoclave for steam sterilization. Even if they use an ‘all disposable’ system, the handles may be reused. If they do not have an autoclave, and insist their system is truly ‘all disposable’, ask to see the disposable units. Are the handles disposable as well as the needle groupings? Is there evidence of needles being disposed of in the sharps container?


Ask the technician to design and apply your eyebrows and lip-liner with makeup in your consultation. Artistic ability is important! Do they use stencils for brows? If so, do you want your brows to look like they have been ‘stamped’ on? The face must wear the brows, not vice-versa. It requires experience and talent to design the facial features. Stencils are fun tools, but are frequently used as a crutch for someone with inadequate design experience and knowledge of morphology of the face. Is their design flattering to your face?


They may be wearing a crisp white lab coat during your interview; it looks impressive. Find out what they wear when performing the service. Remember, the surface of the skin is broken during the procedures and contaminated body fluids my pass on to their sleeves etc. If they do not wear a disposable isolation gown, how do you know that the sleeve touching you during your procedure is not the same sleeve that has touched someone else?


Ask what they use to clean the chair or table after the client is finished. Make them show it to you. Don’t settle for Lysol, it is not OSHA approved and is useless against some viruses. They must use an FDA approved virucidal, germicidal on all impervious surfaces in the work area, even if they cover the chair or table with paper during procedures. Consider your safety!


Ask to see proof of recent attendance of a professional class or event. If they haven’t attended one or the other (see #3 continued education) move on – he or she is not current with today’s standards.


And finally, how do you feel about this person? Have you seen their work? Are they patient with you, and helpful in putting your comfort and ease at the forefront? Do they seem confident, or perhaps over-confident? Any evasiveness to your questions should be considered a RED FLAG! Choose your technician carefully; after all, you want permanent beauty, not permanent mistakes! By following this guideline, you should now be able to make an informed decision.

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